ReBUILD Metro is a proud recipient of a major grant from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation for a collaborative two-year project to increase greenspace, plant new trees, and improve stormwater management in an area of Broadway East where we have rebuilt over 80 formerly abandoned homes.

Through this grant, we will work with Cityscape Engineering to convert 26,000 square feet of vacant land in Broadway East into a new greenspace that will reduce stormwater runoff and improve the urban tree canopy in East Baltimore. This space, which was designed by Neighborhood Design Center relying on substantial input from over 30 local community members, will provide a safe outdoor gathering space and a healthier environment for the surrounding residents of this revitalized area of East Baltimore.

We will also partner with Blue Water Baltimore and the Oliver community to plant 90 street trees throughout Oliver, lowering ground temperatures in a section of Baltimore’s greatest urban heat island.

Throughout our greening process, Interfaith Partners for the Chesapeake and Patterson Park Audubon Center will engage local residents in activities, workshops, and listening sessions to ensure they have opportunities to participate in this project at every step of the way.

As we rebuild the final 7 abandoned homes in this area, this public greenspace project affirms our commitment to a “whole block” strategy in which all vacant properties and lots on a block are restored to productive use as both reoccupied buildings and healthy public spaces—ensuring residents live in homes and neighborhoods that provide them a good quality of life. We look forward to sharing our progress on this project as the work gets underway.