It is with the heaviest heart that ReBUILD Metro acknowledges the senseless and tragic murder of Trevor White, our friend, leader, and colleague.

During his five years at ReBUILD, Trevor was instrumental in ReBUILD’s growth and day-to-day management. He created and ran ReBUILD’s property management arm, establishing it as Baltimore’s largest nonprofit manager of single-family properties. He oversaw our interest in eight multifamily affordable housing projects. He took leadership of our Path to Own program and had begun helping more local families become first-time homeowners. With each new role, Trevor always had his eye toward the next improvement or innovation he could bring to our cause. In everything Trevor did for ReBUILD, he balanced his singular talent, business acumen, and entrepreneurial spirit with a deep commitment to creating healthy communities, to righting Baltimore’s wrongs, and to serving families of East Baltimore.

As a leader at ReBUILD, Trevor infused our office with a sense of purpose and asked much of himself and others. At the same time, he brought an irreplaceable exuberance to the workplace. Above all, Trevor wore his devotion to his family on his sleeve. Anyone who knew him at all knew how committed he was to his role as a father and how deeply he loved his children.

We will miss Trevor as a leader and a friend, and we will miss him for making us better people and for making ReBUILD Metro a better place.