ReBUILD Metro’s Path to Own program gives current ReBUILD residents a springboard to affordable homeownership, housing stability, and financial empowerment in a growing community. We partner with housing counselors and financial professionals to help participants improve their budgeting, credit, savings, and financial health so they can buy, keep, and thrive in their homes.

A recent study by the National Association of Realtors states “Sustainable and affordable homeownership is the single best opportunity most households will ever have to improve their long-term net worth and financial security through: 1) accumulated savings by building equity; 2) appreciation in the value of their home; and 3) predictable monthly housing expenses.” As East Baltimore communities start to appreciate, we hope to help more existing ReBUILD residents and community members become homeowners in the homes that they already occupy or in another property in the community.

By participating in Path to Own, you will receive:

  • Education and classes on financial literacy and empowerment.
  • Homeownership training and individual counseling sessions with HUD-Certified counselors.
  • One-on-one support with financial issues and homebuying resources.
  • Access to opportunities to purchase the high-quality homes that we redevelop in our communities

If you are seeking to become a homeowner and build wealth, then Path to Own will help you reach your goals. But you do not need to be considering homeownership to join Path to Own. We provide ongoing education and support to any ReBUILD resident who wants to improve their financial security as a pathway to sustaining more stable housing for them and their families.


If you are interested in joining this program, complete our Path to Own Intake Form.
If you have questions, email