Our inclusive, bottom-up approach to community development relies on the leadership and guidance of residents in the communities we serve. This approach ensures we remain accountable to communities, that our work reflects their goals, and that we are always working to gain–and maintain–local trust.

Before we begin working in a neighborhood, we partner with local residents and stakeholders to assess market conditions, determine their community goals, and create community-driven redevelopment plans. The goal of these efforts is to ensure that we are not simply redeveloping properties but are fulfilling the visions and aspirations of local residents for the regeneration of their neighborhoods. For example, the Johnston Square Vision Plan was a product of a one-year planning process–and engagement of over 100 local residents and stakeholders–that now serves the guiding vision for Johnston Square.

We continually engage community leaders to ensure our projects remain responsive to their needs and to incorporate their feedback into our priorities, designs, and development process. We also help engage families who live in and around our properties in community activities, including community and greenspace cleanups and annual back-to-school and holiday celebrations. We distribute a quarterly newsletter and provide updates on city and community resources for local residents.


At the onset of COVID-19, we devised a fast, innovative, and impactful response to help our families and communities stay safe.
In partnership with BUILD, we created a program from scratch to deliver food, personal protective equipment (PPE), and information and resources to local families. Relying on funding from Johns Hopkins University, distribution support and food prep from City Seeds, and drivers and community networks from BUILD, our process has delivered weekly groceries to 650 East Baltimore families with health issues or food insecurity.
We have also arranged the purchase, packaging, and delivery of masks (produced by SewLab USA) and hand sanitizer bottles (produced by Charm City Meadworks) to over 900 families, including all residents of ReBUILD properties.