Our model revolves around developing homes for a range of families at the scale necessary to transform neighborhoods and catalyze reinvestment. We take a comprehensive approach to redevelopment that relies on community planning, data-driven market analysis, and partnerships with local workers and contractors.


Our development team works with communities to plan and prioritize projects, conducts property and market analysis, secures financing, and guides projects from concept to completion.


Our construction team partners with local and minority-owned contractors, supervises design, engineering, and construction, and manages adherence to historic preservation and energy efficiency standards.


Our management team rents and manages over 170 scattered-site single-family properties, provides property maintenance to the tenants, and builds and sustains relationships with ReBUILD residents.

Single-Family Housing

Healthy affordable homes are the foundation on which families thrive and neighborhoods grow. At the heart of our mission is the redevelopment and preservation of abandoned homes–many of which had been abandoned for decades–as stable housing for low- and moderate-income families.

We have rebuilt over 200 abandoned homes since 2008, along with 25 new single-family homes. We have sold over 60 of these homes to new homebuyers and have maintained over 170 as high-quality workforce rental housing. This level of intervention has enabled us to eradicate local blight and to stabilize distressed neighborhood housing markets.

Project Portfolio: Oliver/Broadway East Scattered Site

Multifamily Housing

We have strategically partnered to develop three apartment buildings along East Baltimore’s reemerging Greenmount Avenue corridor, creating almost 200 affordable, state-of-the-art apartments, including 60 units currently under construction at 700 East Chase Street that will begin leasing by the end of 2020. These projects complement our single-family housing by activating large vacant sites, preserving neighborhood affordability, and creating the density to attract larger reinvestments in key locations.

We have also partnered on projects outside of Baltimore in which a locality has sought our support. These projects include the construction of over 370 homes across New Jersey–including close to 100 homeownership opportunities–and the revitalization of a 40-unit development in Delaware.

Project Portfolio: City Arts Apartments

Commercial Development

Along with our substantial residential development, we have converted five abandoned corner properties in or near Oliver/Broadway East into new storefront opportunities for small businesses and nonprofits, including our own office space at 1129 North Caroline Street. This revitalization provides opportunities to aspiring entrepreneurs, nonprofits, and social enterprises to establish themselves in a growing neighborhood, and it provides amenities and gathering places to both new and legacy residents.