Project Description

Schoolhouse Square, Neptune, NJ

Schoolhouse Square was developed by ReBuild Metro in partnership with Neptune Township and CityWorks. Schoolhouse Square is an urban infill development designed to ensure the continued redevelopment of Neptune Township’s Midtown neighborhood while enhancing the Township’s affordable housing stock.

The redevelopment site is the former Neptune Elementary School and it is situated in a residential neighborhood. The neighborhood is a mix of single family homes and a few low rise multi-family properties. Schoolhouse Square’s site design is intended to follow the existing density pattern by including townhomes and twins. The townhomes will be 7 clusters of buildings containing between 4 and 8 units (a total of 40 units). The remaining 18 units will be twin homes.

Given the significant local amenities, the project offers affordable and workforce housing in this location. These homeownership opportunities will allow for families with more modest means to benefit from the communities strengths. These new homes are also Energy Star certified and offer potential homeowners benefits under New Jersey’s Live Where You Work program.

Project Information

  • UNITS:  40 Townhomes, 18 Twins, For Sale
  • TYPE: New Construction/Modular
  • COMPLETED: On-Going, 27 units built and sold
  • AWARDS: 2010 NJ Governor’s Excellence in Housing Award in the category of “Best Revitalization”

Property Gallery

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