Over the last decade, we have worked in partnership to consolidate over 130 blighted vacant lots into maintained greenspace, including a park, two playgrounds, and a community farm. In 2020, we launched ReBUILD’s Greening and Sustainability program to expand our role in collaborative efforts to plant more trees, activate public park spaces, and continue to facilitate the conversion of vacant lots into pocket parks, gardens, and landscaped stormwater facilities.

Our goal is to provide more residents who live in and around the homes we build with a healthier and greener environment–one in which they have a range of healthy and comfortable outdoor spaces to play, gather, and make use of the land around them. In the process, we will promote the sustainability and resilience of these communities over the long-term.


ReBUILD and its partners in the Baltimore Environmental Equity Partnership (BEEP) are working to support an East Baltimore Greenway, a community-determined green stormwater infrastructure project to create 2.75 acres of long-term greenspace and improve urban tree canopy in the Oliver, Broadway East, and Johnston Square neighborhoods. To learn more about BEEP and this project, click here.