ReBUILD Completes First Phase of 1700 East Biddle Project

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ReBUILD Metro has completed the renovation of the first four properties of our 1700 East Biddle Project in East Baltimore's Broadway East/Eager Park community. These fully restored three-bedroom rowhomes will offer four new homeownership opportunities just three blocks from Johns Hopkins Hospital. Beyond the high-quality housing and convenient location they will offer to

In Memory of Bishop Douglas Miles

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Bishop Douglas Miles was a founding member of ReBUILD Metro and served on our Board for over 12 years. As a longstanding BUILD Leader and a constant voice for the voiceless in Baltimore, Bishop Miles infused ReBUILD with a sense of purpose and a commitment to work towards a better and more equitable

5.5 Million Meals Delivered

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In March 2020, as the gravity of the COVID crisis set in, we spoke with our partners at BUILD and decided we could not just continue with our business as usual. Though neither of us had roots in direct service, we saw that together, we had the capacity to meet one of the

Mayor Scott Joins ReBUILD to Celebrate Opening of Greenmount & Chase in Johnston Square

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On Thursday, July 8, ReBUILD Metro joined the Johnston Square community, our partners at Ingerman, and a group of City and State leaders in celebrating the grand opening of Greenmount & Chase, a new 60-unit affordable apartment building that marks the first major investment in our $160 million community-driven initiative to Transform Johnston Square. Read

ReBUILD Partners with Baltimore Community Foundation to Invest in Johnston Square

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In 2020, Baltimore Community Foundation’s Invest for More program made an impact investment in ReBUILD Metro to support our efforts to revitalize homes and businesses in Johnston Square, among the millions of dollars it invests in companies and organizations that generate a social impact in the Baltimore region. Now, BCF is also offering its

ReBUILD’s 2020 Annual Report

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The last year presented enormous unforeseen challenges, but our model for community transformation is proving resilient in a time of crisis. Our 2020 Annual Report serves as a review of how we responded to the COVID crisis over the past year, how we are continuing to advance our revitalization efforts in East Baltimore

Expanding our Community Engagement

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As a New Year gets underway, we are happy to welcome two new members to the ReBUILD team, both of whom are familiar faces in our communities. Jenny Guillaume, who has been supporting our work on local greenspaces and in Johnston Square, is formally joining us as our Planning and Community Outreach

COVID Relief Program Surpasses 1,700,000 Meals Delivered

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In April 2020, as the first wave of COVID hit Maryland, ReBUILD and BUILD began exploring a way to ensure food-insecure East Baltimore families did not experience hunger--or unnecessary exposure to the deadly disease. Seven months later, the COVID relief program we devised has delivered over 1,700,000 meals to the doors of over